Special Thai Project – Phuket, 7th – 25th April 2014

The Special Thai Project is an intensive 120 hrs (3 weeks) in class TEFL course followed by 4-5 months of Teaching English in Thailand. Get TEFL Certificate, ample Teaching Practice, 4-5 months Job with Free Accommodation which will cover up your expenses to EXPLORE Thailand. It is the best and the most lucrative opportunity to experience the culture and hospitality of Thailand, not just as a tourist but also to be living amongst the Thai people and teaching English and other subjects to the Thai kids. These projects which are currently based in Thailand are best value for money in terms of TESOL training and short term yet well-paying TEFL teaching jobs. It helps you to qualify and be globally certified as a TESOL trained teacher, with international standard teaching skills. This special TESOL qualification and training is recognized and accredited anywhere in the world. It guarantees both attractive short term and permanent jobs as TEFL teachers in variety of schools, even after the contract of your special program is over.